Started in 2011 as a means of archiving favourite male nudity videos online, The Naked Male has now grown into a brand that is recognised by gals & guys who enjoy the wonder of the male body in all its naked glory.

The Naked Male boasts a comprehensive archive of top quality male nudity video clips online, but it's more than just the videos - we cover the story behind the clip, with information, and the inside scoop that you won't find on standard video sites.

Browsing through the various clips you'll see the biggest tackle, best scenes, and a whole lot more. The Naked Male is the original male nudity video site in this format. We are very proud of that and will continue to be the benchmark globally for male nudity coverage in this manner.

A constant work in progress, The Naked Male aims to keep on growing and improving, becoming an integral part of your everyday online experience.

I hope you enjoy what you see...and please spread the naked male word!

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