Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Penis pulling fun!

Swimming in a lake is an enjoyable way to pass a warm, summers day...made all the more enjoyable if undertaken as nature intended. Here is a handful of guys that are obviously not shy of a bit of skinny dipping, nor of getting closely acquainted with their mates dangling private/public parts.

Many in society these days associate nudity with some sort of sexual connotation. However its blatantly clear from the actions of these young guys, that their penis and balls get no more special treatment, than the toes on their feet. Yes sir, no embarrassment or shame with these guys... There's a friend's penis...Tug it!

The following video is a fascinating account of what often takes place between close male friends, and how the male body can be a source of fun when approached in the right fashion. Male competitiveness comes to the fore, as naked piggyback horsing is the order of the day, with balls resting visibly on friends neck. Truly, naked men and sporting occasions really make for an interesting spectacle, even better when the men involved are skinny, toned and well defined.

You can post your comment below on what you think of male nudity and this type of horseplay.

Penis pulling fun! by TheNakedMale2


  1. I want to do this with some friends.

    1. wat about me? on facebook i m emeileo clearsky

  2. They are such great friends! Hope I have friends like them! But I'm gay and that game would cause me trouble, haha. It's hard for me to keep my penis from turning on...

  3. that's funny! and they have handsome cocks and bodies too!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. oh ya baby i want 2 hav lesbian sex yaa

  6. I've got horny gay boner woopie ime 12!

  7. Sorry, the name of the video is misleading--there was no "penis pulling" until the VERY end. Disappointed

  8. could someone reupload the video??

  9. Yummy what you could do with all your hard cocks


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