Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Penis Pianist

Every now and then we come across a viral video that is an absolute must to be shared here on The Naked Male. At other times, we find one with humour & a naked man in it. That's the case today, and anything that's written after this becomes irrelevant.

The goal is to keep your attention over the next few paragraphs, so here goes. Of course, the chances are that isn't going to happen and your hand is no doubt getting twitchy already. By now you're wondering if all this build up is really worth it. I can tell you now, you're wasting your time reading.
But, if you've made it this far and want a bit of background info, here it is.

We all remember the chore of going to piano lessons that were, quite frankly, a little dull & uninspiring. Well one look at the video below will rekindle your interest in the art of piano playing. The interesting bit about this, other than the fully nude man displaying his package in public, is that he is doing said bearing in musical style. What, you say? Well, simply put this pianist comes well equipped with nimble finger work and exquisite timing; as well as a healthy length of digit by which to reach those hard to get keys.
I can tell you that around the third viewing, it all starts to sink in.

Liberace has literally got nothing on this penis...I mean pianist.  :)

Enjoy, share with your friends, and feel free to post your thoughts.

The Penis Pianist by TheNakedMale2