Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Naked Man in Public

Would you trust a naked man? One mobile phone company thinks so. More Mobile arranged for one young man to walk the streets of Barcelona naked in body paint handing out promotional flyers.
The expressions on the public he meets range from shocked to presently surprised, with plenty of paparazzi in their element.

Maybe naked salesmen is a methodology that more companies should buy into...After all...they have NOTHING to hide!

Naked Man in Public by TheNakedMale2 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Naked Male showering

In this clip from the 1970 movie "Trash", we find Joe Dallesandro both willing and able to full frontally shower himself in front of the appreciative gaze of Holly Woodlawn, who understandably lends a hand to the male scrubbing task.

Many of you may recognize smokin' Joe's package from the Stones "Sticky Fingers" album cover. I for one am of the opinion that the great album might have sold even better if Joe's package was photographed ''sans clothing'.
What do you think? Would you encourage more men like Joe to shower 'willie-nilly' like this in front of young ladies?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blind speed penis dating

A young lady grasps with both hands the opportunity to participate in a new style of dating... Blind speed penis dating. 

 As every young single knows, much time can be spent meeting and greeting potential men only to find out that your mate does not measure up between the legs. Well this young lady has had quite enough thank you very much as she ensures she wastes not one minute being shortchanged. With an impressive amount of "pull down and feel" she rips off jocks and has a firm feel of the goods on offer, only when she's good and ready, does she make her selection of package, much to the amusement of the passing public.

  What do you think? Would you participate in this style of dating?
Blind penis dating by TheNakedMale2

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Penis Pianist

Every now and then we come across a viral video that is an absolute must to be shared here on The Naked Male. At other times, we find one with humour & a naked man in it. That's the case today, and anything that's written after this becomes irrelevant.

The goal is to keep your attention over the next few paragraphs, so here goes. Of course, the chances are that isn't going to happen and your hand is no doubt getting twitchy already. By now you're wondering if all this build up is really worth it. I can tell you now, you're wasting your time reading.
But, if you've made it this far and want a bit of background info, here it is.

We all remember the chore of going to piano lessons that were, quite frankly, a little dull & uninspiring. Well one look at the video below will rekindle your interest in the art of piano playing. The interesting bit about this, other than the fully nude man displaying his package in public, is that he is doing said bearing in musical style. What, you say? Well, simply put this pianist comes well equipped with nimble finger work and exquisite timing; as well as a healthy length of digit by which to reach those hard to get keys.
I can tell you that around the third viewing, it all starts to sink in.

Liberace has literally got nothing on this penis...I mean pianist.  :)

Enjoy, share with your friends, and feel free to post your thoughts.

The Penis Pianist by TheNakedMale2

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Penis pulling fun!

Swimming in a lake is an enjoyable way to pass a warm, summers day...made all the more enjoyable if undertaken as nature intended. Here is a handful of guys that are obviously not shy of a bit of skinny dipping, nor of getting closely acquainted with their mates dangling private/public parts.

Many in society these days associate nudity with some sort of sexual connotation. However its blatantly clear from the actions of these young guys, that their penis and balls get no more special treatment, than the toes on their feet. Yes sir, no embarrassment or shame with these guys... There's a friend's penis...Tug it!

The following video is a fascinating account of what often takes place between close male friends, and how the male body can be a source of fun when approached in the right fashion. Male competitiveness comes to the fore, as naked piggyback horsing is the order of the day, with balls resting visibly on friends neck. Truly, naked men and sporting occasions really make for an interesting spectacle, even better when the men involved are skinny, toned and well defined.

You can post your comment below on what you think of male nudity and this type of horseplay.

Penis pulling fun! by TheNakedMale2

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Naked man takes a public shower

Showering naked men have been featured on this blog quite a few times already, and the more often we are exposed to their washing ways, the more we wish to see more of them. Here's one of those scenes that will make even the most jaded of male shower scene viewers sit up and take notice.

Here's a young guy who has a chunky amount of potential, which he'll no doubt flash in coming years as he gets even more encouragement to let the goods all hang out in public.

The lady in red was obviously all too aware of the prime opportunity for some handsome hunk visual feasting when she made her well judged decision to enter the shower for a closer peek at the goods on offer.

The young man didn't disappoint, giving the lady a full unrestricted view of him letting it all hang out for her (and our) viewing pleasure.


Naked man takes a public shower by TheNakedMale2

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Naked Men in the Shower

This lady gets a big eyeful from her close encounter with a group of handsomely naked showering men, and even though she might be initially slightly weary, she soon is hands all over their fit physiques, scrubbing their bodies with abandon.

Communal showers are of course, generally a private place, but these likely lads are not shy of the camera crew nor of their personal cleaning assistant. That doesn't mean that there wasn't a whole lot for the men to enjoy, as they savor the rubdown from the lovely lady as evident from the footage.

The best physiques, biggest tackle and craziest moments were all nicely caught by camera, although when it comes to shower gel, our minxy lady appears to have used it all up in her eagerness to scrub every man in the shower clean. Thankfully, they found some more & her earnest scrubbing continued.

All in all, it is an enjoyable clip with some great male nudity on show and despite the steamy environment, it was a nice chance for many fellas to stake a claim for Mr. Universe.

Here's looking forward to more male nakedness over the next few weeks which will no doubt live up to this standard of male nudity: smiling men, handsome bodies, and of course, plenty of flashing tackle. Enjoy.

What do you think? Do you think it's acceptable for young ladies to wash naked men on camera like this?

Naked Men in the Shower by TheNakedMale2