Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Naked Men in the Shower

This lady gets a big eyeful from her close encounter with a group of handsomely naked showering men, and even though she might be initially slightly weary, she soon is hands all over their fit physiques, scrubbing their bodies with abandon.

Communal showers are of course, generally a private place, but these likely lads are not shy of the camera crew nor of their personal cleaning assistant. That doesn't mean that there wasn't a whole lot for the men to enjoy, as they savor the rubdown from the lovely lady as evident from the footage.

The best physiques, biggest tackle and craziest moments were all nicely caught by camera, although when it comes to shower gel, our minxy lady appears to have used it all up in her eagerness to scrub every man in the shower clean. Thankfully, they found some more & her earnest scrubbing continued.

All in all, it is an enjoyable clip with some great male nudity on show and despite the steamy environment, it was a nice chance for many fellas to stake a claim for Mr. Universe.

Here's looking forward to more male nakedness over the next few weeks which will no doubt live up to this standard of male nudity: smiling men, handsome bodies, and of course, plenty of flashing tackle. Enjoy.

What do you think? Do you think it's acceptable for young ladies to wash naked men on camera like this?

Naked Men in the Shower by TheNakedMale2

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