Friday, August 26, 2011

Clothed Female Nude Male

A young male gets naked for the benefit of a female artist. This is a great scene from the 1997 movie Artemisia, which is well worth a look. 

First up, if you are not a fan of the male anatomy, lean a little closer. Yann Tregouet is on a mission to change your style, with his sexy pecs and jolly penis, only a heart of stone could fail to be seduced by his honest nudity.

Valentina Cervi does her best to look like she's acting, though I can't help but feel like she spent quite some time concentrating on his perfect anatomy.

It's all good fun, and a crying shame that modern society does not let young men like Yann get their clothing off more often.With a body like that, surely one has nothing to hide?!

Who do you think. Is Yann to be applauded for getting naked in public? or should he be embarrassed to be nude in front of a lady?

Clothed female Nude Male by TheNakedMale2

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